Our experience

We are one of the oldest and most experienced companies operating in the passenger transport industry in Latvia for more than 60 years Along with changes in the political order in the country, the branch offices of “Sabiedriskais autobuss” in Alūksne, Saldus and Ādaži have gone through visual transformations and change of the company name. One of the oldest branch offices of the company is located in Alūksne. The office started operating in passenger transport industry in 1949. Initially the company was called the Motor Transport Company of the Alūksne District Municipality. During Soviet times, from 1996 to 1975, the company was called Alūksne Motor Transport Office No. 12. After Latvia regained its independence, the motor transport company was privatised and from 1993 to 2002 the company was called “Vidlatauto”.

The second oldest branch office is located in Saldus. The office has been operating since 1958. It started operations as the State Saldus Motor Transport Base. Initially the key line of business was provision of cargo transportation services. In 1996, the company was named SIA “Saldus autobusu parks” and provided public transport services in the current Saldus District. In July 2012, the company was merged with the branch office of Alūksne, obtaining the current name “Sabiedriskais autobuss”.

In the end of December 2015, the company “Sabiedriskais autobuss” was merged with “Ekspress Ādaži”. Currently the company provides passenger transport services in 100 regional local and regional inter-city lines in the Alūksne, Saldus, Kuldīga, Ventspils and Ādaži Districts. “Sabiedriskais autobuss” provides also transportation of pupils and offers rent of buses – the big buses and minibuses for holidays for small and large groups of people. To get to know more about rent of buses or minibuses call us: +371 6729 4888 or write an e-mail: info@btour.lv